Illinois Chapter of the Trail of Tears Association

The materials included in the Educating with Evidence curriculum from southern Illinois University focus on two major lessons: 1) using an online reader created with CAST’s Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Book Builder and a graphic organizer to analyze primary sources for the Indian Removal Act of 1830 and 2) comparing primary sources with GIS maps of the Cherokee peoples’ forced migration through southern Illinois.  In the first activity, it is important for students to identify how people use information about a culture as a “weapon” to support or oppress it. In the second activity, students have three options for analyzing maps in the Trail of Tears activity: 1) complete the black and white maps in questions document, 2) use the color maps provided, or 3) manipulate zoom and layer features in the online GIS map. Click on an image to the right to access the lesson plan, online GIS or color maps for use with the activities.

Lesson Plans for Trail of Tears Module
Online Geographical Information System for Trail of Tears, southern Illinois